I Needed to Lose Some Weight

I have been struggling with my weight for the last several months and cannot seem to be able to shed those unwanted pounds. I am a very picky eater and do not like very many vegetables at all. As a result of my picky eating habits, I have a very difficult time consuming a healthy diet. I knew I had to do something, but I honestly was not sure what that was. That was only until a good friend of mine told me about her success with the Alli diet pill.

She told me that she did like to eat good foods, but she had a hard time just sticking to them.… Read More..

Putting a Stop to Hair Loss

My family didn’t have a history of baldness, but I started to notice that the hair in the back of my head was getting thinner. I couldn’t help but look in the mirror and stare at the thin spot. Thoughts of all of my hair falling out entered my mind. I didn’t want to look like some kind of cue ball. My wife told me that I should buy Propecia, because it has been known to treat hair loss in men. I was willing to try any medical solution if it meant that I would be able to hang onto my hair.

As it turns out, one of my close friends has actually been using the same thing for hair loss for many years. He never mentioned it, and you couldn’t tell that his hair used to be falling out. Since no one asked about it, he never felt the need to bring it up.… Read More..

Your Eyes Say Everything You Need to Know

My eyes were getting examined by a doctor who said that he wanted to look in my eyes with a special camera. The camera was really great, they took a picture of the back of my eye because he said you can see the optic nerve and the integrity of it. The doctor took the time to explain everything he was looking at after he took the picture and I understood what he was talking about. He said after people use drops like Careprost they can feel a difference in their glaucoma and the camera can actually how the patients the difference before the started to take the drops and after.… Read More..

Looking at the New Netflix Movies Coming out

I wanted to find out what the best movies on Netflix were without having to jump through hoops to find out. So many websites lure you in with the hint of finding things like that out, but they turn out to be click bait sites or they lag so much because of the massive amount of ads on a single page. It got to the point where I would just wait to hear from my friends to see what they were watching because I get too impatient trying to find a good website that will just give me what I want to know about Netflix programming.… Read More..

I Get Lots of Compliments on My Eyelashes

When I was in my 20s, I absolutely hated my eyelashes. That might sound silly, but it was not to me. Mine were pretty much non existent. They were so light and tiny, and it was just really obvious when I would make myself up for a night on the town. All of my friends would be able to really make their lashes stand out, but I had to just settle for my near invisible ones. It was not until I was almost thirty years old that someone asked me if I had tried Lumigan eyelash serum.

I had tried different eyelash serums through my earlier 20s, but I hadn’t tried anything in years because I realized they just did not work for me.… Read More..