Your Eyes Say Everything You Need to Know

My eyes were getting examined by a doctor who said that he wanted to look in my eyes with a special camera. The camera was really great, they took a picture of the back of my eye because he said you can see the optic nerve and the integrity of it. The doctor took the time to explain everything he was looking at after he took the picture and I understood what he was talking about. He said after people use drops like Careprost they can feel a difference in their glaucoma and the camera can actually how the patients the difference before the started to take the drops and after. I was hoping that there was going to be a good bill of health of my eye with the camera, and while he was explaining to me what he was looking at, I was hoping he was going to mention something.

I was talking to the woman when I was making my appointment to get my eyes checked and the lady that answered the phone told me that a lot of people do not want to have the camera take the picture of their eye because it does cost thirty five dollars because insurance will not cover it. People usually get their eyes dilated and that would be a way for the doctor to see your optical nerve then as well. I never had my eyes dilated because I did not like losing the feeling of having my sight distorted. I have a real problem with the drops that they put in your eyes and I do not like that feeling. The camera was worth the money so I did not have to get those drops in my eyes and wear those huge sunglasses they make you wear after it’s done.