Looking at the New Netflix Movies Coming out

I wanted to find out what the best movies on Netflix were without having to jump through hoops to find out. So many websites lure you in with the hint of finding things like that out, but they turn out to be click bait sites or they lag so much because of the massive amount of ads on a single page. It got to the point where I would just wait to hear from my friends to see what they were watching because I get too impatient trying to find a good website that will just give me what I want to know about Netflix programming.

A friend of mine showed me the site he has been using recently not that long ago. It is called Netflix Insider, and it is true to its name. The main thing I liked about it is that it does not lag, and it does not make me jump through hoops to find what I want. I was able to see all of the new movies coming to Netflix for next month, and I was able to do it in just a matter of about a minute too. Some sites I would go to before would not even let you see the second movie on their list before the first minute was up.

Another thing I like about this site is that it has a detailed description of the movie along with a trailer. This is very useful for me because I don’t know what a lot of the movies are. Before, I would just not concern myself with it, but now I can see what it is about so I can make a decision if I want to watch it or not. This has definitely made Netflix easier in my life, and it is now one of my top five bookmarked sites I visit regularly.