Putting a Stop to Hair Loss

My family didn’t have a history of baldness, but I started to notice that the hair in the back of my head was getting thinner. I couldn’t help but look in the mirror and stare at the thin spot. Thoughts of all of my hair falling out entered my mind. I didn’t want to look like some kind of cue ball. My wife told me that I should buy Propecia, because it has been known to treat hair loss in men. I was willing to try any medical solution if it meant that I would be able to hang onto my hair.

As it turns out, one of my close friends has actually been using the same thing for hair loss for many years. He never mentioned it, and you couldn’t tell that his hair used to be falling out. Since no one asked about it, he never felt the need to bring it up. I guess if I worked for him, then it was good enough for me. I ordered some of the hair loss treatment from a store and counted the days until it arrived in the mail so I could use it to get my hair back to normal.

The hair loss treatment was successful and the spot on the back of my head became full again. I ran my hands past it multiple times, and my wife said that I would probably rub a hole in my head if I kept doing that. I couldn’t help it, because I was on my way to having bald spots, but I was able to prevent that. Now, the only hair related trouble I have to worry about is getting a full head of gray hair when I hit my 60s. I better start stocking up on black hair dye.