A Life Changed by Toys

A friend of mine used to always talk about how much she hated guys. She would always have some complaint about the guy that she’s currently dating or having sex with at the time. I would joke with her about it, saying that there was a way that she could have fun without dealing with those guys. My suggestion was for her to buy sex toys and just pleasure herself with them. She would get a good laugh out of it and then she would go back to complaining about the guys.

Out of curiosity, my friend decided to give my joke suggestion a try and ordered some toys from an online shop. She got one of those rotating toys with the two heads. The second head has a forked tip for stimulating a certain area of the body. After using the toy, she called me the next day to tell me that my toy idea was the best idea I’ve ever had. She spent all night using the toy and was pretty happy. That was the first time I’ve ever talked to her without her mentioning some guy that was giving her problems.

Her success with the first toy made my friend even more curious, so she decided to buy some more items from the store. She bought some vibrating devices, a few plugs, and even some clamps. I never really thought about using plugs, but my friend seems to love them. She really went down the rabbit hole with the toys, and now I think she knows more about sex toys than I do. I’m glad her outlook on life has changed for the better, but she still has one thing that sometimes bothers her. The only thing she really complains about now is running out of battery power for her toys.