I Get Lots of Compliments on My Eyelashes

When I was in my 20s, I absolutely hated my eyelashes. That might sound silly, but it was not to me. Mine were pretty much non existent. They were so light and tiny, and it was just really obvious when I would make myself up for a night on the town. All of my friends would be able to really make their lashes stand out, but I had to just settle for my near invisible ones. It was not until I was almost thirty years old that someone asked me if I had tried Lumigan eyelash serum.

I had tried different eyelash serums through my earlier 20s, but I hadn’t tried anything in years because I realized they just did not work for me. The promises of longer and thicker lashes seemed to be a pipe dream for me. This friend told me to check out Lumigan though, so I did. I am so glad that she insisted that I do this because it turned out to the one eyelash serum that actually delivered on its claims. I liked everything I read about it on the website I purchased it from. I also looked at some independent reviews to see if it worked for other people who had tried it.

What was different this time around is that I learned all I could about it before I bought it. I had just purchased eyelash serums blindly in the past, trusting the companies that sold them. This time, I knew what to look for. I looked at the ingredients, and then I researched why these ingredients are able to make my eyelashes longer and thicker. I used the serum exactly as I should have, and the results are simply amazing. I no longer have invisible lashes. In fact, I get a lot of compliments on them now!