The Best and Eeasiest Way to Get You Snus Products

Snus is a variety of smoke-free tobacco made to offer user pleasure, it used in the middle of the lips and gum. Snusdirect deals with delivering good quality products at your doorsteps. It gives its customers cheap easy and fast delivery services.

It helps in reducing the need for a middle man, Snusdirect warehouses are situated on the west coast of Sweden in a town known as Grebbestad, snus delivery its products to this warehouse daily, so they consumers are assured that the products they receive are high quality and fresh.

It deals with the following products: Nick,Lyft , Siberia snus,nick &jihnny, Grov, Ettan Goteborg rapé .

One of the greatest product’s advantages is that they are cheap and are always giving out bonuses.They offer a vast and broad range by delivering  products at a reduced price such as tobacco with various flavors.


Snusdirect gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the history of snus.

Moist snus was designed and being cost-effective it completely flooded the market fulfilling the high demand.

The processing was performed by farmers then later it was industrialized leading to the emergence of a variety of brands and factories.

How to Use Snus

Most individuals from Sweden utilize snus instead of smoking because it is smokeless. Its features have spread all over the world and more people want to have the smoking know-how of snus.

Snus is in two varieties loose and portion packed, it can either be semi-moist or moist based on the type and brand .snus is simply tobacco which is crashed and added water and flavor.

Loose snus is packed in sachets of different sizes that dissolve when put in the mouth. When using spitting is not necessary.

It is safe to use compared to cigaretes which need smoking, it can be effective for individuals who are trying to quit smoking.


  • open the snus
  • dip your index finger in the snus.
  • Measure a small amount of it between your index and thumb.
  • Raise your upper lip
  • Put the snus between the gum and upper lip
  • After a while, you may start to have a rush or dizzy feeling.

Portion snus

  • it is packed in mini maxi and large, all you have to do is take the packed snus and put it under our upper lip


After you order the snus you desire a shipping fee is added depending on where you want it to be delivered.There are countries where Snusdirect does not deliver to.there are different ways in which snus direct delivers:

Posten Letter it takes 5-14 days,it is an international delivering services that is popularly known for its cheap prices, it doesn’t have a clear date on the arrival of the parcel.

 Posten Registered Letter takes 5-14 days and tracking can be done by use of the reference number.

UPS Express takes 1-5 days it gives fully traceable services all over the specified destinations. for customers living us the US,  this is the only delivery option. The cost charged depends solely on the remoteness of the destination and the weight of the parcel.