Cara Membersihkan Lumut di Kamar Mandi

Keberadaan lumut di kamar mandi pasti mengganggu pemandangan. Kamar mandi yang berlumut terkesan kotor dan lembap. Bukan hanya itu, lumut di lantai kamar mandi juga bisa berbahaya karena licin dan berisiko membuat seseorang terpeleset. 

Lumut merupakan tanaman berwarna hijau, tidak memiliki akar, batang, dan bunga. Tanaman ini hanya menempel pada permukaan dan bisa menyerap air. Kamar mandi merupakan tempat yang banyak ditumbuhi lumut karena lembap. Nah, untuk membersihkan lumut di kamar mandi, Anda bisa menggunakan karbol murah.

Selain itu, ada beberapa hal yang bisa dilakukan untuk menghilangkan lumut di kamar mandi, berikut ulasannya!

  1. Menggunakan Soda Kue

Salah satu hal yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk menghilangkan lumut di kamar mandi adalah menggunakan soda kue. Perlu diketahui, soda kue bersifat menyerap kelembapan suatu ruangan. Saat mengaplikasikan soda kue, ruangan akan lebih kering sehingga pertumbuhan lumut bisa dicegah.

Lalu, bagaimana cara menggunakannya? Pertama, Anda harus menyiapkan soda kue dan air. Masukkan soda kue sebanyak ¼ sendok makan dalam botol semprot dan tambahkan air. Campurkan kedua bahan ini sampai soda kue menjadi larut. Setelah itu, semprotkan campuran tersebut ke dinding berlumut. 

Langkah terakhir adalah menggunakan spons untuk membersihkan dinding yang berlumut. Pastikan Anda memilih spons yang lembut agar tidak menggores dinding. Setelah itu, siram dinding dengan air. 

  • Menggunakan Cuka

Selain soda kue, Anda juga bisa menggunakan cuka untuk membersihkan dinding atau lantai kamar mandi yang berlumut. Cuka merupakan produk yang biasa digunakan sebagai pembersih. 

Caranya, masukkan cuka putih dalam botol semprot yang kosong. Jangan mencampurkan cuka dengan air. Lalu, semprotkan cairan cuka pada dinding berlumut. Diamkan selama satu jam, baru bersihkan. Cuka juga dapat dicampurkan dengan soda kue untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal. 

  • Menggunakan Tea Tree Oil

Siapa yang menyangka jika tea tree oil dapat digunakan untuk membersihkan lumut di kamar mandi. Minyak esensial ini merupakan alternatif yang bisa digunakan jika Anda tidak memiliki soda kue atau cuka. 

Caranya, campurkan 1 sendok teh minyak tea tree dengan 1 cangkir air. Masukkan ke dalam botol semprot, lalu semprot daerah yang berlumut. Gosok dinding berlumut untuk membersihkannya secara maksimal. 

  • Menggunakan Hidrogen Peroksida

Selanjutnya, Anda juga bisa menggunakan hidrogen peroksida untuk menghilangkan lumut pada dinding kamar mandi. Caranya adalah menuangkan hidrogen peroksida dengan konsentrasi 3 persen pada botol semprot. Semprot permukaan dinding yang berlumut.

Tunggu hingga 10 menit, baru gosok daerah yang berlumut sampai semuanya terlepas. Kemudian, bersihkan dinding dengan air sampai semua lumut terlepas. Jangan lupa untuk mengeringkan dinding setelah prosesnya selesai. 

  • Menggunakan Pemutih Pakaian

Pilihan selanjutnya untuk membersihkan dinding kamar mandi yang berlumut adalah pemutih pakaian. Caranya sangat mudah, yaitu dengan menyiramkan cairan pemutih pakaian pada dinding kamar mandi. 

Anda perlu membiarkan pemutih pakaian bekerja selama 30 menit. Setelah itu, gunakan sikat berbulu untuk membersihkan lumut pada dinding maupun lantai kamar mandi. Jika semua lumut sudah terangkat, selanjutnya adalah membersihkan dinding dengan air yang mengalir.

  • Menggunakan Minyak Cengkeh dan Air

Ternyata perpaduan minyak cengkeh dan air juga dapat menghilangkan lumut di kamar mandi. Persiapkan minyak cengkeh sebanyak 15 tetes, campurkan dengan air dalam botol semprot. Lalu, semprotkan cairan tersebut pada dinding kamar mandi yang … Read More..

Do you Know the Advantages of Biophotonic Glass?

Companies that manufacture packaging know that their customers need their products to stay fresh longer. Light can degrade perfumes, creams, special oils, spices. Miron glass or biophotonic glass helps block the rays of light that speed up the decomposition process of organic products. Have you ever come across a shiny black container in the pharmacy? Chances are it’s this new crystal. Although it looks black, it is violet. Its use is very common in containers that use a glass pipette, as these products are often delicate. Because the visible rays of light do not penetrate the container, its contents remain stable for much longer. In other words, the shelf life of the product is extended without the need for preservatives. This is good news for people who are allergic to preservatives.

How does the color violet work?

It is known that in ancient Egypt, violet glass containers were used because they helped to keep the oils used to embalm the pharaohs’ bodies fresh for longer. Over 5,000 years later, scientists now know that the violet color has the ability to filter light rays. Although it cannot be seen with the naked eye, light is made up of several rays. Visible light allows our eyes to see. However, we cannot see the violet and ultraviolet light that is part of the light. What the violet color does is block the visible light and let the violet and ultraviolet light through. In this way, organic compounds do not deteriorate rapidly. Violet and ultraviolet light are known to energize the molecular structure of organic materials, making them resistant to natural decomposition processes.

More natural products

Because companies do not have to use preservatives in the production of products such as creams, fragrances, spices, etc., the product turns out to be much more natural. A natural product is less likely to cause allergies. For companies, this translates into less expensive products because they don’t have to buy preservatives and more profit because they can reach more customers, even those who are allergic to preservatives. For end customers, the crystal violet allows the product to remain stable for longer. Would you like your skin lotion not to lose its effectiveness over time? You can achieve that if you buy a lotion that comes in a crystal violet container. The best part is that once the original product runs out, you can clean the container and use it to store other types of products, such as coffee, tea, among others.… Read More..

Shareholders’ Rights In Corporate Governance

Have you recently bought shares of a company and are now a partly owner of the corporation? Is it so that you and your family will be able to go on a world tour for free this summer? Or  get a bag of chips every quarter as a shareholder of the company?

Everyone has separate roles, responsibilities, and rights in an organization. But, there is always a relationship between them such as shareholders, board of directors, corporate governance, managers, etc. Shareholders remain partial company owners, and if the company makes a profit, common shareholders receive profit. Shareholders take on more risk since they get almost nothing if the company becomes insolvent, but they also have a bigger return potential when the company is profitable and share price rises. These speculative benefits are highly improbable, but they do pose the issue: What rights and advantages do shareholders have? While they are not allowed to claim free trips, many investors are uninformed of their rights as shareholders. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the rights of a shareholder.

Common Shareholders’ Main Rights

1. Voting Authority

Shareholders can enjoy voting rights. Their voting power encompasses the ability to vote and elect directors as well as make suggestions for substantial improvements involving the corporation, such as amalgamation or dissolution. Voting takes place during the board session of the firm. For any reason, if a shareholder is not able to vote or participate in the voting session, he may vote by proxy and mail their vote. 

2. Possession Or Ownership

When a firm succeeds, regular shareholders own a portion of something valuable. Stakeholders have a right on a fraction of the company’s assets. get As these assets create profits and those earnings are invested back in new assets, shareholders get profit as the value of their shares rises as stock prices go up.

3. Transfer Of Ownership

The ability to transfer ownership implies that shareholders can exchange their shares on a marketplace. It might appear insignificant, but it’s all about the liquidity given by stock markets which is critical. One of the fundamental criteria that distinguishes stocks from other investments like real estate is liquidity which means that the ease with which a commodity may be acquired or sold in the market without impacting its price. If the shareholder owns a property, it might take time to turn the investment into cash. Because equities are so liquid, investors may shift their money practically instantly to other destinations. 

4. The Right To Claim Dividends

Shareholders have also rights to claim any earnings distributed by the firm in the form of a dividend. Revenues may either be put back into the company perhaps improving the company’s total worth or paid in the form of a dividend by corporate governance. It is one of the board of directors responsibilities to choose what fraction of earnings should be distributed out to the shareholders. Common shareholders are given the rights to receive their portion of dividends whenever they are announced.


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The Best and Eeasiest Way to Get You Snus Products

Snus is a variety of smoke-free tobacco made to offer user pleasure, it used in the middle of the lips and gum. Snusdirect deals with delivering good quality products at your doorsteps. It gives its customers cheap easy and fast delivery services.

It helps in reducing the need for a middle man, Snusdirect warehouses are situated on the west coast of Sweden in a town known as Grebbestad, snus delivery its products to this warehouse daily, so they consumers are assured that the products they receive are high quality and fresh.

It deals with the following products: Nick,Lyft , Siberia snus,nick &jihnny, Grov, Ettan Goteborg rapé .

One of the greatest product’s advantages is that they are cheap and are always giving out bonuses.They offer a vast and broad range by delivering  products at a reduced price such as tobacco with various flavors.


Snusdirect gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the history of snus.

Moist snus was designed and being cost-effective it completely flooded the market fulfilling the high demand.

The processing was performed by farmers then later it was industrialized leading to the emergence of a variety of brands and factories.

How to Use Snus

Most individuals from Sweden utilize snus instead of smoking because it is smokeless. Its features have spread all over the world and more people want to have the smoking know-how of snus.

Snus is in two varieties loose and portion packed, it can either be semi-moist or moist based on the type and brand .snus is simply tobacco which is crashed and added water and flavor.

Loose snus is packed in sachets of different sizes that dissolve when put in the mouth. When using spitting is not necessary.

It is safe to use compared to cigaretes which need smoking, it can be effective for individuals who are trying to quit smoking.


  • open the snus
  • dip your index finger in the snus.
  • Measure a small amount of it between your index and thumb.
  • Raise your upper lip
  • Put the snus between the gum and upper lip
  • After a while, you may start to have a rush or dizzy feeling.

Portion snus

  • it is packed in mini maxi and large, all you have to do is take the packed snus and put it under our upper lip


After you order the snus you desire a shipping fee is added depending on where you want it to be delivered.There are countries where Snusdirect does not deliver to.there are different ways in which snus direct delivers:

Posten Letter it takes 5-14 days,it is an international delivering services that is popularly known for its cheap prices, it doesn’t have a clear date on the arrival of the parcel.

 Posten Registered Letter takes 5-14 days and tracking can be done by use of the reference number.

UPS Express takes 1-5 days it gives fully traceable services all over the specified destinations. for customers living us the US,  this is the only delivery … Read More..

Budgeting for start-ups: The mistakes to avoid

It might be tempting to work on so-called “guestimates” when it comes to the costs involved with your start-up, but if you are serious about making a go of things you really need something more concrete in place.

Unfortunately, budgets are of the one areas that most start-ups tend to leave until the last minute. In fact, quite often, some companies don’t even bother at all. Some just believe that budgets are a bit too corporate, and things don’t need to be anywhere as formal when it comes to smaller enterprises.

Suffice to say, a rule doesn’t exist. Regardless of the size of your business, budgets can do you a great of favours, and today’s article is designed to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that a lot of start-ups make in relation to them.

Mistake #1 – You perform your budget on a beer mat

Sure, when you first start out in business and you’re putting together those calculations in your head, there’s nothing wrong with the beer mat approach. After all, you need a basic idea of what things are going to cost.

However, as things get to more of an advanced level, you need to go into detail. A lot of new businesses completely forget about some essential expenses, with insurance often falling into this category. For example, if you work in the medical industry, you’ll need to budget for indemnity insurance for medical professionals which is often forgotten about.

Mistake #2 – Overestimate any expenses you do have

Following on from the previous point about remembering all of the possible expenses that your business might accrue, when you do have these to hand make sure you are reporting the figures accurately.

It’s far too easy to hold a finger in the air and guess your way around these expenses. This might have to still happen to an extent, but at least overestimate them so your company avoids any unnecessary surprises and is more likely to help you beat your forecast.

Mistake #3 – You think that your budget is completely static

Some older, more traditional businesses, tend to have this approach. However, our advances into the digital age means that this is seldom happens. We are constantly provided fresh data on sales and perhaps which marketing channel is performing the best, and this means that budgets have to be adapted accordingly in a bid to meet targets.

If you are planning to stick to the budget you initially prepared, your business will stall.

Mistake #4 – Know your sales cycle upside-down

Another really important point is about understanding your sales cycles. Most businesses have various peaks through the year where sales go through the roof. At the same time, these businesses also have lulls, where things don’t always go to plan and things run much more slowly.

If your budget doesn’t take this into account, you can be forced into panic decisions which throws your annual budget completely out of the window.… Read More..