Do you Know the Advantages of Biophotonic Glass?

Companies that manufacture packaging know that their customers need their products to stay fresh longer. Light can degrade perfumes, creams, special oils, spices. Miron glass or biophotonic glass helps block the rays of light that speed up the decomposition process of organic products. Have you ever come across a shiny black container in the pharmacy? Chances are it’s this new crystal. Although it looks black, it is violet. Its use is very common in containers that use a glass pipette, as these products are often delicate. Because the visible rays of light do not penetrate the container, its contents remain stable for much longer. In other words, the shelf life of the product is extended without the need for preservatives. This is good news for people who are allergic to preservatives.

How does the color violet work?

It is known that in ancient Egypt, violet glass containers were used because they helped to keep the oils used to embalm the pharaohs’ bodies fresh for longer. Over 5,000 years later, scientists now know that the violet color has the ability to filter light rays. Although it cannot be seen with the naked eye, light is made up of several rays. Visible light allows our eyes to see. However, we cannot see the violet and ultraviolet light that is part of the light. What the violet color does is block the visible light and let the violet and ultraviolet light through. In this way, organic compounds do not deteriorate rapidly. Violet and ultraviolet light are known to energize the molecular structure of organic materials, making them resistant to natural decomposition processes.

More natural products

Because companies do not have to use preservatives in the production of products such as creams, fragrances, spices, etc., the product turns out to be much more natural. A natural product is less likely to cause allergies. For companies, this translates into less expensive products because they don’t have to buy preservatives and more profit because they can reach more customers, even those who are allergic to preservatives. For end customers, the crystal violet allows the product to remain stable for longer. Would you like your skin lotion not to lose its effectiveness over time? You can achieve that if you buy a lotion that comes in a crystal violet container. The best part is that once the original product runs out, you can clean the container and use it to store other types of products, such as coffee, tea, among others.