Be Worry-free: Stop Worrying Achieve More


A worry-free person rises to a state of trust in being able to handle whatever shows up. Relaxed people may be cautious or concerned but choose to focus on problem-prevention or problem-solving rather than be paralyzed by worry. Ending worry can lead to better health, a higher quality life, and achieving more. Read on to learn how to be worry-free from calgary professional counselling.

At the source of worry is fear. In the book Power vs. Force, author David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, ranks the calibration level of fear at 100 on the scale of consciousness. Why is that important? He states, ” The critical response point in the scale of consciousness calibrates at level 200, which is the level associated with integrity and courage.

All attitudes, thoughts, feelings, below that level of calibration make a person go weak…” Worrying causes us to freeze, omit positive outcomes, and weaken physically and emotionally. So how can we rise to the stronger place of trust, open mindedness, and creative problem-solving?

  1. Know that you can be worry-free- What we think about is a choice. It seems hard to stop because we develop a habit. The brain likes short cuts, but we can change those patterns with conscious effort.
  2. Explore the source of your concern- Is there a limiting belief or perception in the way? Is it legitimate or an over active imagination? Is it warning you of impending danger or is it the reaction of an over active habitual thought pattern?
  3. If legitimate, shift into action, then trust- Gather information/ resources on the situation. Prepare. Take action, mentally and physically, to make the best of the situation. Stay in a place of trust (in yourself, others, God) that you are capable of handling the situation. Get the help you need. Be open to see all choices. Talk with others.
  4. If over exaggeration, shift to a new positive place- Shift habitual thought patterns by choosing to stay in the present, stay in a place of trust, or wait until there is good reason to worry. Take action to become prepared. Remember, thoughts are a choice.
  5. Follow Intuition- Once the chaos is out of your head pay attention to your intuition, inklings, gut feelings, etc. that are guiding you to make the choice you can feel good about.

Examples of what we worry about and steps to overcome it:

Health Issues- Focus on feeling good, gather information/resources to take new actions for new results, gain help from others, and aim for high quality moments with loved ones.

Debt/ Lack of Income- Take action in a big way to reduce debt, develop a budget, and develop income. Make calls, talk to lots of people, visit resource centers, and think ‘make it happen’ versus ‘wait for it to happen’. The world is open to you.

Safety of Others- In some cases it is serious and warrants action such as a drugged-up teen or a parent who should stop driving. In less serious cases, planting small seeds for change and being a good role model is more productive than nagging and worrying. Yet sometimes when your loved one goes sky diving or your child travels without you it is best to rise into trust and look forward to a good outcome.

What Others Will Think- Guess what? Others do not think about you that much! They focus on their own stuff. ~smile~ Focus on being authentic, the value that you have to give, the experience you will gain, and how great you will feel just for having the guts to do it.

Making the right decision- Gather information and use the massive resources around you to weigh the pros and cons of your options. Then get out of your head, be brutally honest, and make an intuitive, gut instinct decision.

Negative outcome to a future event- This is what worry is all about! Shift away from out-of-control thoughts. Get into the present, take action, and focus on what you want. A student concerned about exams should stay present, prepare, and focus on great results.

Anxiety is often caused by inaction. Physically preparing or mentally shifting gears can move you to a higher plateau of strength, confidence, and trust. This is where you are fully capable and open to the resources available that make the very best of a situation. Just trust!