4 Most Dedicated Countries To Cannabis Research- It’s Time To Take Pride If You Are A Resident


There are people all around the country who have been and are advocating the use of cannabis and CBD for medical treatments. Do you think this advocacy would have been possible if there were no scientific proofs of cannabis being successful in alleviating physical and mental ailments?

NO. Research is what has opened the minds of the people, especially the governing bodies which play the biggest role in designing the legal status of cannabis and CBD. It is because of the scientists who put themselves at work that we have come to know what is CBD oil and how it is different from THC infused cannabis oil.

To cut the chase, we owe all our knowledge of cannabis, CBD hemp oil, marijuana, endocannabinoid system, etc. to the researchers all around the world.

Yes, all around the world because numerous countries have shown interest in deciphering cannabis and its derivatives. But there are a few which have aced in the race and have beaten other countries in the dimension of their research in cannabis.

Let me tell you which 4 countries are the hardcore players in marijuana research, you may have the chance to take pride, read along!


  1. Israel – An Abode To Raphael Mechoulam

If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you may not need any introduction to Raphael Mechoulam. Known as the father of THC, Raphael Mechoulam is the great discoverer of THC and the endocannabinoid system.

His experimental studies provided an answer to the core question of how marijuana and the cannabinoids interacted with our body to have such an impact on the health.

Along with his associates he discovered that we possess an internal system called the ECS which regulates the homeostasis in our body. He put forward the results of how THC and CBD work for the endocannabinoid system which answered almost all the queries related to marijuana and CBD.

After the stark discovery of THC, a cannabinoid responsible for the high by Raphael Mechoulam, Israel became the hub for cannabis research. Cannabis industries from around the globe showed interest in investing in cannabis research including the U.S, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Israel was the first country to legalize weed and with almost 27{89e71920c2e251b768aa761ad3707a0f6ce8f6d63523b652bf9cc9cca18fd71d} of the total population indulging in marijuana usage, Israel has the highest ratio of users in the world.

In the coming years, the Israeli Government has also planned to export medical marijuana. So much so is the dedication of both, the government and the scientists that a company named Breath of Life has inaugurated a 1-million-square-foot cannabis grow-house for a more inclined research.

In all, there’s no country which can beat the dedication of Israel in the cannabis research industry.


  1. Netherlands – Where Cannabis Infused Coffees Are Selling Since 1976

Like I said, no country has more feathers in its hat than Israel when it comes to cannabis research. The Netherlands, though, is one of the three countries which have a centrally sponsored medical marijuana programme.

This country has an organization called The Dutch Association for Legal Cannabis and its Constituents as Medicine which runs to authenticate, collect, and spread the information on cannabis through research and studies.

With a team that consists of pharmacists, pharmaceutical researchers, and criminologists, this institution makes sure they have precise knowledge of cannabis which not only falls under legal stature but is accurate and wide enough to raise the spectrum of awareness amongst the people.

The legal status of recreational cannabis has been a part of the society for decades. In fact, Netherlands is famous for its coffee shops where cannabis-infused coffees are a hit.


  1. Uruguay – With A Vision Of Making Itself The Hotbed of Cannabis Research

It has taken decades to spread the word about the goodness of cannabis which is why we can say that the countries are still trying to overcome the stigma associated with cannabis.

Although Uruguay has not been the core of any circumstantial findings in the cannabis research, it has made it to the list for its conviction of making cannabis a medical marvel. In a press meet, the leaders of the country conveyed their vision of making Uruguay the hotbed for cannabis research.

As for the legal status of cannabis, Uruguay was the first country to legalize and regulate not only the use of marijuana but also its sale. Seeing its medicinal potential through various research studies conducted by the pioneers, Uruguay’s National Drug Council opened the doors to anyone and everyone who wants to take a plunge in cannabis research in their country.

With legal weed available at disposal and the government’s support in finding as much as data as possible on medicinal marijuana, this country can be a great place for scientists who are keen on studying the herb.


  1. Czech Republic – Home To One Of The World’s Leading Cannabis Research centers

ICCI, International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, is one of the prominent institutions of the world dedicated to marijuana research for medicinal use.

Although created not before long, this research center has already made it big by bridging the gap between medical marijuana treatments and patients who are unable to avail it.

This research center was opened in association with ASA (Americans of Safe Access) and Dioscorides Global Holdings by the Czech Government. As conveyed by the CEO, the core function of this institution is to proffer the needed scientific equipment to every research facility that is in the need of it in the world.

Along with that ICCI targets to proffer medical marijuana treatments to all those who are unable to have an access to it in their own country. Amazing, isn’t it?

These are the leading countries in marijuana research which are undoubtedly instilling hope in people who are looking forward to seeing more of the medicinal side of cannabis. Apart from these, Canada is also a prominent leader in cannabis research with a public cannabis growing company contributing to its economy. It is because of these countries why we have been able to understand the benefits of CBD, the trivial existence CBD oil side effects, and more. If I would have been a resident of any of these countries, I definitely would have been proud!