Some Simple But Effective Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is contemplating any likely or unlikely future event and worrying about it. It is a most common practice to predict any frightening outcome on anything or any action and excessively worry over it. The physical consequences of anxiety in a human being are low concentration, increase in heart rate, and insomnia besides these. It is always advised to consult anxiety treatment centers if one has severe anxiety issues.

People suffering from this disorder would agree that even little things can push them over the edge and trigger anxiety. Fortunately, various anxiety solutions can help one to relieve stress and alleviate the condition. Practicing these tips can significantly help you fight off the anxiety bug.

  • Have a proper and sound sleep:

For people suffering from anxiety, inconsistent or less sleep can have severe consequences. It can contribute to feeling more anxious and stressed, and in turn, it can give you sleepless nights. Make sure that you sleep for seven to nine hours a day.


  • Flaunt a bright smile:

Remember, whenever you weigh down under work pressure, getting anxious will not get you anywhere. Instead, take a break and cheers. Laugher is indeed the best medicine, especially for anxiety and depression. Laugh out loud to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety.


  • De-clutter the brain:

Physical chaos leads to mental chaos, which is not good if you tend to break down quickly. Clear your workstation or keep your study table organized to alleviate the signs of anxiety. Make it a habit to keep your place clean and de-cluttered.


  • Open your lungs and breathe deeper:

Deep breathes have proven to ease panic attacks and anxiety. Besides this, how you breathe can also help you mark if you are feeling anxious or not. Taking short breaths symbolizes that you are stressed or anxious, on the other hand, making deep and long breaths help signal the brain to relax.


  • Meditation:

One of the most effective ways to relieve stress is indulging in meditation. Science has proved that regular meditation increases the grey matter in the brain that reduces the stress level in the body.


  • Think something positive:

Since most people become anxious about things that lie ahead of them, one way to control anxiety is to manipulate the thoughts about the future. Whenever you get anxious contemplating future, start visualizing yourself maneuvering the problem with ease. Block out how you are feeling at that moment and focus your thoughts on smoothly handling the situation. This technique is called guided visualization and can be practiced to alleviate stress.


  • Smell something relaxing:

It is a proven technique to relieve the level of stress and put your mind off the situation. Sniffing calming oil can soothe your mind and calm it down. The fragrance of anise and chamomile can significantly reduce anxiety.


  • Socialize

Studies show that those who are suffering from anxiety and have sizeable social circle tend to get stressed out less often than those with no social group. Socializing increases the production of oxytocin which helps in reducing anxiety.