Causes of Scratches, Molds, and Cracks on Car Windshield

One of the most important things to always look after is the cleanliness of the windshield. The windshield itself is the most important component that serves to maintain the view of the rider when driving on the highway.

If you think the windshield won’t have a problem, then you are wrong. Because, there are several problems that are often experienced by car windshields such as glass mold, scratched, or cracked glass. If this happens to your car windshield, just take it to the windshield replacement phoenix for the best car windshield service.

The following are some details of problems that often occur in windshields:


If your area belongs to an area with a tropical climate, it certainly has two weather characteristics, namely rain, and heat. This will certainly make the windshield vulnerable to dirty. However, most car owners don’t wash it right away when the windshield is dirty. Even though dirt that sticks to the glass if left unchecked will cause mold that will be difficult to clean.

Not only that, installing a car cover when it rains can also make the glass becomes moist which if left unchecked will make mold grow.


If it is on asphalt, stone or gravel will not be harmful to the windshield. But instead, these stones and gravel will actually become bullets when it hits the windshield when walking.

In general, stones or gravel will be dangerous when bounced by the vehicle in front of us and hit your windshield at high speed. Stone can cause the glass to crack or even break.

If only a small crack is certainly still very likely to be repaired. However, if the damage is already very severe, then the only thing that can be done is to replace it.


The occurrence of a beret on the windshield, usually because the rubber wiper hardens so that the strokes that carry gravel or sand causing friction and make a beret. This also can happen to the rear glass where your rear windshield uses a wiper.

But for scratches that occur on the side glass, it is caused by rubber contained in the hardened glass clamp, and friction occurs.

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