Latest Trends In Cosmetic Surgery

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have become an incredibly popular treatment, largely due to social media. The increasing number of celebrates and online influencers who have unashamedly undergone lip filler treatment has sparked great interest in the procedure. The trend is at its peak, with more people opting for the surgery than ever before, causing surgeons to become competitive with that they can offer. It involves injecting dermal fillers into your lips ad around your mouth to give them a more plump appearance. Most fillers contain naturally occurring substances such as hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body, making it a safer treatment than before.

Sculpted Abs

One of the biggest trends to emerge this year is sculpted abs. Primarily a treatment loved overseas in LA, it aims to sculpt perfect abs without the need to go the gym. The surgeon will create abs by removing outer layers of fat to reveal the abdominals underneath. It’s a fairly big procedure, with many patients needing to take an extended time after to recover. Although popular, sculpted abs is still a controversial surgery, with many thinking it’s a ‘cheat’ way to achieving a dream body, it’s like a tummy tuck Manchester procedure.

Laser Bra Lift

Breast enlargement Manchester cosmetic surgery procedure has been a popular choice for many years, but this new scalpel-free version is set to change the game for cosmetic surgeons across the globe. Essentially, the treatment is able to create fuller, perkier looking breasts without the need for any incisions. The procedure lasts for two hours but instead of removing and discarding excess skin from the breast, the skin is left intact.

Eye Fillers

The notion of eye fillers may have seemed bizarre even 5 years ago, but today it’s a growing trend with rapid interest. This can help for those who constantly have black under their eyes, or those who see a dip below their eye causing them to look hollow and old. Surgeons use fillers to shape the eye area – the upper and lower lids- to restore volume that’s lost around the eyes with ageing. The idea is to give the face a more subtle, youthful look.

Cheekbone Implants

Supposedly, the perfect model face includes high, prominent cheekbones – a look many are trying to recreate with cosmetic surgery. Cheekbones are the scaffolding that holds up the face, but overtime they can lose volume, also causing your skin to look droopy. Fillers inserted into the cheekbone area can instantly lift the face, when placed beneath the muscles they resemble implants to balance out the temples.

Earlobe Injections

As we age, our earlobes also continue to grow which can make some men and women look older. In some cases, they can also deflate. One the latest trends straight from Hollywood is earlobe injections. To stop this obvious sign of ageing, many have chosen to go under the knife. The procedure involves grafting fat into the earlobes to make them appear more youthful looking.


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