The Importance of Reporting Patient Safety Incidents in Hospitals

Hospitals as health service institutions that deal directly with patients must prioritize health services that are safe, quality, anti-discriminatory and effective by prioritizing the interests of patients in accordance with hospital service standards. Patient safety is the patient’s right, patients have the right to obtain security and safety for themselves during the period of treatment in hospital.

In practice, there is the possibility of an incident occurring that could threaten patient safety or what is usually called a patient safety incident. A patient safety incident is an event or situation that can cause or has the potential to cause injury that should not occur. Patient Safety Incidents in hospitals have different types consisting of: Potential Injury Events, Near-Injury Events, Non-Injury Events, Unexpected Events or Adverse Events and Sentinel Events. Sentinel events or kejadian sentinel adalah an Unexpected Occurence that results in death, permanent injury or temporary serious injury and requires intervention to maintain life, both physical and psychological, which is not related to the course of the disease or the patient’s condition.

Patient’s Safety

What is meant by patient safety is the process in a hospital that provides safer patient services including risk assessment, identification and management of risks to patients, incident reporting and analysis, the ability to learn and follow up on incidents, and apply solutions to reduce and minimize the emergence of risks where hospitals create safer care through efforts, identifying risks, managing risks, learning from risks that occur so that they do not happen again in the future. Using jasa satpam to protect hospital security is also a form of hospital security for patients. In simpler terms, it can be said that hospital patient safety is preventing incidents. undesirable things, if they cannot be prevented, efforts will be made to prevent them from happening again, through efforts to learn from mistakes. Safety is a basic principle in patient care and a critical component of quality management.

Patient safety incidents are still a major problem in hospitals where various kinds of services have risks that threaten patient safety in hospitals. Hospital patient safety is a system where hospitals make patient care safer, which includes: Risk assessment, identification and managing matters related to patient risk, reporting and analyzing incidents, the ability to learn from incidents and follow up as well as implementing solutions to minimize the occurrence of risks. Therefore, patient safety is a top guard for hospital to be looked after and easily become one of the major issue that should be taken as priority.

What to Do When an Incident Occurs

In practice, if a patient safety incident occurs in a hospital, it is best to follow the flow of handling patient safety incidents as follows:

1. Every incident must be reported internally to the Patient Safety Team (PST) within 2×24 hours.

2. The report is verified by the patient safety team to ensure the truth of the incident.

3. After verifying the report, the PST team carries out an investigation in the form of interviews and document examination

4. Based on the results of the investigation, the patient safety team determines the degree of incident (grading) and carries out a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) using standard methods to determine the root of the problem.

5. The patient safety team must provide patient safety recommendations to health service facility leaders based on the results of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA), just like how cakra buana which can provide the highest level of security.