Skincare That is Worth the Cost

I used to buy all of my skin care products off the shelves at the local grocery store. I would just pick the one that was the cheapest or on sale. There was no consistency in the brand or quality of product that I purchased, which makes it easy to understand why my skin was not looking the best that it could. It took me switching to Waterlilies and Company for all of my skin care needs for that to happen. My dermatologist is the one who told me that I was hurting my skin by using cheap products, and she recommended a company like Waterlilies and Company because they are all natural when it comes to the ingredients they use for their products.

I had no idea who to purchase from, so I just went to the one she suggested to me. I was a bit leery at first because I had a feeling that a company that deals in handmade products and all natural products was going to cost me a lot more than what I had been spending on my skin care items at the grocery store.

Truth be told, the cost is a bit more, but that is because they are not using the cheapest of materials and ingredients to keep the costs down. Instead, they are using ingredients in their skin care products that are going to treat me skin the way it deserves to be treated. I thought that it would take a while for my skin to show a difference once I started using the soaps and creams from Waterlilies and Company, but I could feel the difference the very first time I used the soap. I definitely look better too. My skin no longer looks dull, and that is worth every penny that I spend on skin care products now.