Locked out of My Car

I locked myself out of my car last month. I took a quick trip to the store to get some vegetables for dinner, and realized that I left my keys in the car right after I closed the door. I tried to use every trick I knew to get the door open, but they didn’t work. I had to look at some Brisbane mobile locksmith services on my phone and contacted one to come to the parking lot to unlock my car. I didn’t really have a lot of time to do extensive research on the locksmith services, so I just picked the one that had the best reviews.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t lock my phone into my car, or I would have had an even more difficult time getting a locksmith. The locksmith responded to my request after I contacted him and told me that he would be in the area in less than 30 minutes. He actually made it to my car in 15 minutes, which was better than expected. He had a kit that he used to unlock my car door and it only took a couple of minutes to do.

I’m going to be more careful when I lock my car door. I was lucky that I was only in the store parking lot in the middle of the day when I was locked out of my car. I could have been locked out in the middle of the night in a bad area, and things might have been a lot worse. I should also have someone with a separate set of keys that can come to me in the event of an emergency. My spare set of keys was at home, and my house keys were locked in the car with the car keys.