Easy and Healthy Alternatives To Consider This Summer

Summer is just around the corner so either you want to have your summer body ready or you’ve finally got the motivation to get things in order. Quitting healthy habits is said to be extremely hard in the winter, so now is your perfect opportunity to turn into your better self and start treating your mind, body and soul with some grace.

The reason why people are much more likely to leave old habits behind in the summer is because you have more energy, your mood is better and the weather is just a huge motivator. It is much easier to commit to something for longer periods of time and not get bored.

So you might be wondering what easy and healthy alternatives you could try to add to your forever routine this year! Let’s dive right in.

Quit Smoking and Vaping

This is number one and as hard as it might seem, as beer gardens and social gatherings are usually where smokers thrive, it’s not good for your overall health and can hinder progress in other areas of your life. Although there are still healthier alternatives you could consider, you aren’t going cold turkey and are weaning yourself away from these habits.

A good choice would be nicopods, nicotine gum or even hypnotism. While this is completely dependent on what you want, it’s good to know there are healthier alternatives available.


Gluten is notoriously bad for us and that’s not to say you need to skip out on carbs altogether; instead, you should indulge in healthier alternatives, leave all the bloating behind and keep things gluten-free. From pasta to pizza, there are tastier options available for those who want to keep gluten out of their diet.


This is an easier way to enjoy the foods you already enjoy but with fewer consequences. From cheese to drinks, you can keep your diet and healthier lifestyle solid by making such a simple swap at the shops. You might be pleasantly surprised at how similar or even better the fat-free options are.

HIIT Instead Of Weight Training

HIIT has been arguably the most successful way to lose weight when compared to any other workout. All over social media, you just see weight training but this isn’t the most effective way to lose weight or achieve overall fitness. HIIT aims to work all of your muscles but you can also train your lungs and get your heart rate up. This aims to do a bit of everything, which is not only great for busy people on the go but it’s also a great way to get your summer body ready.

When you are starting to see the framework or you are at a weight you are happy with, I would suggest eventually adding more weight training sessions to get things toned up. This is all to do with preference but HIIT is the best starting habit to get into.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are trying to change your smoking habits or want to easily change something in your diet. There are loads of little changes that you can make that will make all the difference. Healthier alternatives, whether it be a velo pouch or gluten-free option, are just as accessible so there is no excuse when aiming for a healthier lifestyle.