Easy and Healthy Alternatives To Consider This Summer

Summer is just around the corner so either you want to have your summer body ready or you’ve finally got the motivation to get things in order. Quitting healthy habits is said to be extremely hard in the winter, so now is your perfect opportunity to turn into your better self and start treating your mind, body and soul with some grace.

The reason why people are much more likely to leave old habits behind in the summer is because you have more energy, your mood is better and the weather is just a huge motivator. It is much easier to commit to something for longer periods of time and not get bored.

So you might be wondering what easy and healthy alternatives you could try to add to your forever routine this year! Let’s dive right in.

Quit Smoking and Vaping

This is number one and as hard as it might seem, as beer gardens and social gatherings are usually where smokers thrive, it’s not good for your overall health and can hinder progress in other areas of your life. Although there are still healthier alternatives you could consider, you aren’t going cold turkey and are weaning yourself away from these habits.

A good choice would be nicopods, nicotine gum or even hypnotism. While this is completely dependent on what you want, it’s good to know there are healthier alternatives available.


Gluten is notoriously bad for us and that’s not to say you need to skip out on carbs altogether; instead, you should indulge in healthier alternatives, leave all the bloating behind and keep things gluten-free. From pasta to pizza, there are tastier options available for those who want to keep gluten out of their diet.


This is an easier way to enjoy the foods you already enjoy but with fewer consequences. From cheese to drinks, you can keep your diet and healthier lifestyle solid by making such a simple swap at the shops. You might be pleasantly surprised at how similar or even better the fat-free options are.

HIIT Instead Of Weight Training

HIIT has been arguably the most successful way to lose weight when compared to any other workout. All over social media, you just see weight training but this isn’t the most effective way to lose weight or achieve overall fitness. HIIT aims to work all of your muscles but you can also train your lungs and get your heart rate up. This aims to do a bit of everything, which is not only great for busy people on the go but it’s also a great way to get your summer body ready.

When you are starting to see the framework or you are at a weight you are happy with, I would suggest eventually adding more weight training sessions to get things toned up. This is all to do with preference but HIIT is the best starting habit to get into.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are trying to change your smoking habits … Read More..

​​Tips For Getting Back On Your Feet After Surgery

Getting back on your feet after surgery, both physically and metaphorically, can be difficult when you feel really drained, whether you’ve had plastic surgery Manchester based or a hip replacement in London. Recovery looks different for everyone, as every surgery is very different and so is what you need to do afterwards. For some surgeries, you won’t walk unassisted for a month. With others, you’ll be expected to be up and walking within hours. So, the most important thing in terms of your recovery is to listen to exactly what your surgeon says, as they know you, your health and your surgery best. However, we’re here with overall tips to help guide you in the right direction.

Fuel Your Body With The Right Foods

Firstly, you need to be fueling your body with the right foods. Surgery takes its toll on your body, both mentally and physically, so it’s important that you are eating enough of the right foods to not only help your body recover, but to give you the energy you need. Eating a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and nutrient packed fruit and vegetables will help your body to heal, maintain muscle and also give you the energy you need to start moving again. Depending on the surgery you’ve had there may be some foods you need to avoid, however on the whole, eat a healthy, balanced diet and your body will thank you for it.

Move Whenever Possible

Next, you should be moving whenever possible. Listen to the advice of your surgeon and what movement you should be doing and put your effort into doing it as much as possible (whilst also looking after your body and listening when something doesn’t feel right). Not only is exercise often a key part of a successful recovery, but it’s also good for your mental health, helping you to move around again and have something to focus on. If you’ve had something like a breast augmentation Manchester based, you’ll likely be able to walk pretty much as normal quickly, but will have some rules to follow in terms of lifting your arms above your head for a while. For other people who’ve had something like a knee operation, you’ll have to be much more careful. However, follow the guidance in terms of the movement you should be doing to help you achieve a successful recovery.

Get Plenty Of Rest

Last but not least, get plenty of rest. Whilst you should be moving when you can, sleep and rest are absolutely essential components of a strong and healthy recovery from surgery, as our bodies do the majority of it’s healing when we’re asleep. So, listen to your body and don’t feel guilty for resting or sleeping when it feels right to, as it will massively benefit you in the long run. You might not have a good excuse for so much rest soon, so try to make the most of it whilst you can!… Read More..

Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail, And How To Keep This One

It’s 2022, and most people still need to pretend to be working out every day, even though it was their new year’s resolution. Instead, they are changing the narrative by implying that self-improvement is not conditional to the beginning of a new year. Fair enough, they are correct, but then only call your goals a New Years resolution if the year is the deadline. In addition, radicals started doing over-the-top things like shopping for race cars on sites like motosport.com to imply that resolutions are a good enough reason to go crazy. And that’s why many people stopped celebrating them. However, it has been documented that the new year has seen an increase in the sales of high-protein food and vitamins as many people make losing weight a resolution. So, let us look at how you can achieve your current resolution and keep it from becoming another failure.

Why do people make New Years’ Resolutions?

A new year resolution has been practiced in many homes since people started commercializing the end and beginning of a new year. First, they made rituals to encourage growth and improvement, which became tedious. So now people have resolutions because it’s a topic discussed during Christmas lunch but forgets about it the next day.

Fortunately, that narrative didn’t deter future generations who have revived resolutions and are reaching their goals.

Social media influencers

And backing it up are the influencers on social media, such as Charli D’Amelio and Jojo Siwa. Because they are famous and do it, many people do it. In addition, influencers can alter how people complete the ritual, like making it valid by posting a promise or even hosting resolution parties before the new year. However, making a resolution, sticking to it, and completing it are two different things. Furthermore, people forget and move on to the next hyped event once the hype is done. But for the people who follow through, it takes a lot of planning, strategizing, and commitment to reach it.

Prioritize your resolutions

Before you can dream about reaching your goal, you must start the journey. So, take a few hours off your schedule, and plan the steps you need to get your goals. Make a list of resolutions on a scale from one to ten. Then discard all the goals from two to ten and focus on the most important one.

You are prioritizing your resolution and need to include a reasonable timeframe. You must add maintenance routines to ensure you keep all your efforts within a month of reaching your goal. Suppose it is accomplished within four months of the new year; what plans are in place to ensure it stays that way and you don’t end up back to your starting weight at the end of the year?


A new year resolution is driven by what is trending at the time. It isn’t just a once-off regiment but often requires maintenance, backup, or help from external entities to be a success. Inevitably, everyone says … Read More..