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Ways of Pet-Proofing your Premises

Dogs sometime behave like trouble magnets. They might even destroy furniture and try to run away. You need to know of ways to make it impossible for this to happen. You need to learn how to make your home pet-proof.

There are gates specially designed to confine a dog to a specific area of your choice. This will keep them either off places like the child’s room, or in areas where you need them to remain active in. Both the dog and other people shall remain safe.

Keep electrical cords bundled up. Dogs can get shocked when they bite them. Bundling keeps them away from them, and when lifted up, they stay out of their reach.

Dogs are naturally curious, they will thus try to put anything in their mouths. They will try and chew something that could turn out to be harmful to them. Keep those out of their reach. They will try and jump through any low-level window. Close such windows when you are not around.

You also need to make sure they are not attacked by fleas. They will have a hard time scratching and biting if it happens. Fleas will also make your house look bad. By getting them PetAction pet flea pill, you can solve this problem.
They should not have access to the garbage bins. Dogs will go through it out of curiosity, which could harm them and make the house look terrible and unhygienic. They will relieve themselves all over while they are still house trained. You need to be prepared with enough cleaning products to take care of any messes they make.

They shall also go into any open closets. Anything you stored in there shall be destroyed. It is only by locking up the clothes and shoes that you can be sure of no losses.

They should also not have access to the bathroom, since it is dangerous for them. If they drink shampoo, bleach or body wash, they might die. You need to keep the bathroom doors closed, or the toilet seat closed, so that they do not reach those waters. Make sure you have a good medicine cabinet in there. This is for the safe storage of all toothpaste, medications and cosmetics.

Keep also all jars on the kitchen counter secured. If they jump up here, they shall destroy them.
Since the pet will regularly play outside, you need to have a high perimeter fence, to prevent them from jumping into the streets. Ensure there are no stepping surfaces near the fence for them to jump over.

You need to also cover your swimming pool, if you have one. A dog might drown otherwise.

Be careful of the pesticides you decide to use in the compound. Check to see if they are harmful to the pet. You need to be ready if they end up swallowing some of it.

You need to also see to it that any substance such as paint, antifreeze, cleaning solutions, car oil, or rat poison is not easily reachable for anyone, especially the pets.