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Different Types of Moms and How They Approach Motherhood

It is indeed true that there is no love like the one a mother gives to her child and there are various ways she shows it. To start with, a mother naturally has maternal instincts that require her to always provide, protect and nurture her child. In the world we live in currently, there are three types of moms who employ certain tactics in how they raise their young ones. This article has delved into some of these women and how they handle motherhood.

To start with, we have the corporate moms who work 9-5 jobs as well as commute daily to and from work. They go to their fancy offices with the most modern furniture very early in the morning and usually leave their kids in day care. They also make sure that they are back just in time to make them supper, bath and see them off to bed. Over the weekends and even holidays, they make sure they spend quality time with their kids by taking them to the parks to pay and also have fun. This is the perfect example of independent and successful women working in those offices adorned with modern furniture.

The other category of these moms are those who left their jobs to stay at home and raise their kids. This means that they completely gave up their careers as well as employment to take care of their kids. As much as people think that these women have it easy since they don’t go to work, it is not the case because they spend long hours on their modern furniture reading their children stories, playing, feeding them, etc. When you go around your neighbourhood and ask these stay at home moms how they feel with regards to taking care of their kids, they will tell you that it is an amazing experience since they are involved in the day to day growing of their kids. They are also happy because they are able to help their kids with homework and generally watch them as they grow. These moms who have given up their careers just to raise their kids can tell you that it is worth it no matter how you look at it.

Lastly, there is the category of moms who believe in showing tough love to their kids. With such kind of moms, they believe that the only way to raise their kids right is by showing them how to do things on their own. One of the ways they do this is by letting their kids make mistakes so that they can learn from them. A good example is teaching them to always wipe some of the modern furniture such as tables once they are through eating. This is another approach to motherhood that mothers out there can use.

Regardless of whether you are a career woman working in that office with plenty of modern furniture, a stay at home mom or a tough love mom, keep doing what you do since all these approaches can work depending on how you use them when it comes to motherhood.