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Dealing with Sexual Harassment at the Workplace.

Sexual harassment and misconduct at a place of work is something that has been focused on a lot of the media in the recent past. Unwanted sexual tension is scary and frustrating. It is not okay to go through this and the behavior should not be excused. The little bits of these cases you see on the news are not all and it is worth noting that they do actually happen more than is reported. If any of your employees make such complaints, you should not take the matter lightly but rather take swift and appropriate action. First of all, you need to have a protocol of ensuring that they do not happen. Many people who face this kind of harassment choose to keep quiet and the culprits can be hard to tell and they may even be working in your office. You need to be invested in fighting sexual harassment in your company and making the work environment safe for everyone.

In your company policies, there should be one about sexual harassment. It opens up better channels for educating your team about the menace. The policy should appear in the employee handbook and it should be touched on regular during office meetings. You should make sure every kind of behavior that can pass as sexual harassment is written down. Some of the behaviors which ought to be highlighted include stalking, sending of unsolicited messages and even images, groping, catcalling and threatening. There should be a clear definition of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. Ensure you have explained why this is a subject of interest as well as how significant the associated behaviors are.

Besides the policy employees] being a legal base but also a blanket for victims. There should be a protocol on reporting harassment in the office and also a clear outline of how the culprits will be dealt with. Inform your employees that sexual harassment is not just something you are fighting on your own but also that the law is tough about that as well. The victim has the right to go to court to report the incidence if he or she can prove the claims. In the event that the person is indeed found guilty, he or she will be subject to termination and there can be orders that he or she is to stay away from the victim. Do not dismiss the stories you hear in the office because gossip can carry with it a weight of information. You would rather be cautious rather than sorry that you did not take action when it was necessary.