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Do You Need a Generator? Few Buying Tips to Keep in Mind

With the many natural calamities happening around like storms and hurricanes, you might find it necessary to prepare a generator at home. Generators can make sure you have power to keep your place comfortable and your food preserved.

Now, do you want to purchase your own generator?

The number of models available can make it quite tough for you to come up with a decision which one to choose. Of course, you have to buy the one that meets you specific needs.

Below are few guidelines you can use when buying your first generator.

– There are kinds of generators available in the market today, the portable generator and the stationary generator.

Portable generators are cheaper and easier to install. However, you’ll have to physically connect it to have power and this can be hard during a storm. You can have ample of choices for the best portable generators in the market.

Unlike the portable ones, professionals must be the one of install stationary generators. The good thing about this type is that when you lose power, it automatically give you power. However, you will need a good amount of money for this.

When choosing which kind to purchase, make sure that it suits your needs and requirements.

– When you already have decide which type to choose, you should not decide about the wattage size. It is very important you know what should have power on during a storm, and list them down. Then, sum up the wattage of the appliances you’ll need and get the total wattage. In this way, you will determine which generator can suit best your needs.

Read on with the article and you’ll learn what are the watt ranges available, and what appliances they can power.

If you need to power your lights, television, fridge and microwave, the total watts you’ll be needing is from 3,000 to 4,000. A portable generator is the best option for this.

If you need to power your two sump pumps, fridge, computer, television, heater and lots of lights, then you can go for a generator with 5,000 to 8,500 wattage. A stationary and portable generator can help you with this.

If you’re going to power your hot water heater, central air conditioning and electric stove aside from what has been mentioned above, then you can go for the 10,000 watts portable generator.

But when you go for 10,000 plus watts stationary generator, you can power all these things including your dryer and clothes washer. Although this can really be expensive, but this can last for several days.

After knowing all your needs, then you can shop now for your generator.