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Possible Reasons for Your Not Losing Weight

Losing weight is the best way to becoming healthier and being able to enjoy life. Without the excess pounds, you will have better mobility, and you can do more things and feel more positive and confident. Exercise and a healthy diet are the first steps towards losing weight. However, our lifestyles can stand in our way of losing weight . Below are some ways in which your lifestyle might be making it difficult to get fit.

Evening Exercise: the majority of people plan their exercise for the evening. This is a good idea as exercising is an ideal boost to any weight loss plan. But the problem sets in when it is evening, you may be feeling tired after a long day at work or taking care of your family. This puts your exercise plan off.

You can change you’re routine such that you fix your exercise regime first thing in the morning to help you go through with it.

We are all busy and seemingly getting more busier as we try to settle on a good work-life balance. This has led to the lack of time in the evening to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal. It becomes quicker and easier to call for a takeout or heat up something in the microwave. Doing these every now and then is good, but doing it too often could mean deadly health effects.

By preparing healthy food in advance allows you the time to make something for yourself in the evening no matter how busy you will be.

Taking Too Much Alcohol
Alcohol has a lot of calories and if you are doing everything you can to lose weight and it’s not working then you might want to reduce your level of alcohol consumption. A glass of white wine contains roughly 100 calories, and a bottle of beer 75 to 180 depending on whether it is a stout or a light beer. If you want to keep fit, you might want to control the amount of alcohol you drink.

If you want to cut out alcohol and you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms, then it is best to see an expert.

Being Rigid With Your Schedule: When trying to lose weight, having a rigid schedule may seem like the best plan but it can have the opposite effect. A schedule will include cheat days or meals but if you decide on one day a week as a cheat day and adhere to that, then if you eat cheat foods outside of that time you will feel guilty and miserable.

Sometimes things will happen and may disrupt your healthy eating schedule. Rather than feeling guilty for not eating healthily when something changes, and you can’t follow your plan, simply adapt to the program and make up for it.