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Ways You Can Teach Your Child About Lockdown Drills

Preparing your child for a lockdown drill is important though some find it scary especially the ones you never know when something will happen and the knowledge will be useful. Your child will mostly react depending on how you behave as the parent and that is why you should say things calmly especially if it about lockdown drills so they are not alarmed. There are various ways you can teach your child about drills but first you must find the best way which you can communicate them without creating fear.

What Happens During A Lockdown Drill
Children are often more curious when they are young so you need to give clear details about they want to know plus it will pay off if you are honest.Your child can easily memorize information when they are young so you need to make sure they understand what lockdown drills are and the how they should respond even when there is a lot of going on. When explaining you should not be negative and resist answering their questions and if you are not sure about the information then you can tell them you will research more and get to them without fail.

It is easy for most children to understand what you are saying when you use familiar reference and relate it to the main topic like comparing a fire drill to a lockdown drill. In many learning facilities, fire drills are a necessary routine to educate students but you can have a fire plan in place so your child can see what happens and they will do the same during a real emergency. Many facilities are now teaching are now teaching children about lockdown drills so they can remain safe during a scary event and they are mindful of the people around them.

You should inform your child that lockdown drills are in place for serious reasons and convince your child that they should not worry since it is only meant for practice but they will often have questions. Children will feel that their teachers are in control of the situation but sometimes they might see potential harm that the children cannot see and that is why they should ensure their safety through a lockdown drill. When there are an emergency people help each other so they can take control of the situation and that is why you should encourage your child to be a helper while some school’s students wear whistles on their school lanyards.

Teachers are known to use lanyards for various reasons like hold various identity cards though they are used to hold whistles and you can spot them with gym teachers.