Search Engine Optimization is Important

My wife has a hard time when it comes to telling some people no. If someone in a parking lot asks her for a dollar, she’ll give it to them. If someone at church asks her to volunteer for an event, she’ll cram it into her hectic schedule somehow. When someone tells her that she does not need to hire an SEO company in Toronto because their cousin’s neighbor knows how to build websites, she wants to give that person a chance. That is where I step in though. While I love how charitable she is, I also know where to draw the line.

I looked at some websites that her cousin’s neighbor designed, and I knew that something similar would not fly for what my wife needed. I am the one who told her cousin thanks, but no thanks. I am also the one who found her the Toronto company that created the amazing website that she is now using. Creating a website may be easy for some people, and they may even look beautiful and highly functional too. However, without an expert in SEO, it really does not do much good at all.

That was the problem I had with the cousin’s neighbor’s websites. I could find them if I had the web address, but I could not find them with a search. My wife needed people to be able to see her site when they did a basic search, which is why we went with a design company that is also an expert when it comes to search engine optimization. I can do a variety of searches, and her website is on the first page of results, often right at the top! My wife still has a hard time saying no, but at least she has a highly functional website that people can find with very little effort!