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I Never Lie

My son asked a very peculiar question the other day if I have ever thrown up before.

My answer is obviously a Yes.

So then he asked if I had thrown up because I wasn’t feeling too well.
My answer again was a yes.

Then he asked if getting drunk would lead you to vomit as well.
Puzzled, I looked at him and asked myself what brought this on.

My little boy is turning 7 soon. So how do you break it to your barely seven year old son that, it is true that mommy may have had done some bad decisions in the past and that he may one day do the same? I don’t condone bad deeds and I certainly will not let my own child commit them but when it does happen I will be the understanding mother that I always have and help him mend those errors. My son is a terrible liar like most kids are so I told him he’s too transparent and that he better not lie to his own mother about alcohol drinking.

I didn’t say that out loud though. But I did however used my greatest weapon – diversion.
It did, however, get me thinking about how to approach the subject of drug and alcohol abuse and make my young son understand and avoid becoming an alcoholic or adverse effects like marijuana psychosis.

My partner and I drink on occasion but we never have too much. I prefer a nice glass of vintage while my husband likes to pour himself a tonic. My son is aware that these contain, if not all, some alcohol. He usually tugs at my skirt and asks about them, which I totally expect for some reason.

He’s pretty receptive asking us if he can smell it.

He gets even more receptive and asks if he can have a taste which I say no to.

I tell him it will only make him very sleepy.
It known that so many parents these days allow their teen children to indulge in alcohol drinking even before the legal age limit only and only if they have some at home. As a matter of fact, we had just been invited over last weekend where a girl was celebrating her 16th birthday party as she and her guests downed lot of booze while her parents watched.

Thankfully, the mom made sure everyone, especially the teens, handed over their car keys before engaging in some heavy alcohol drinking. That night, we settled for the couches, on the floor and every other soft surface we can find. Was it really comfortable though? Absolutely not. But did it save these young adults from further making a fool of themselves by drunk driving? Oh, yes.

Let’s face it, a lot of people are against underage drinking but would rather have their kids drink where they are able to supervise them.