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4 Most Dedicated Countries To Cannabis Research- It’s Time To Take Pride If You Are A Resident

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There are people all around the country who have been and are advocating the use of cannabis and CBD for medical treatments. Do you think this advocacy would have been possible if there were no scientific proofs of cannabis being successful in alleviating physical and mental ailments?

NO. Research is what has opened the minds of the people, especially the governing bodies which play the biggest role in designing the legal status of cannabis and CBD. It is because of the scientists who put themselves at work that we have come to know what is CBD oil and how it is different from THC infused cannabis oil.

To cut the chase, we owe all our knowledge of cannabis, CBD hemp oil, marijuana, endocannabinoid system, etc. to the researchers all around the world.

Yes, all around the world because numerous countries have shown interest in deciphering cannabis and its derivatives. But there are a few which have aced in the race and have beaten other countries in the dimension of their research in cannabis.

Let me tell you which 4 countries are the hardcore players in marijuana research, you may have the chance to take pride, read along!


  1. Israel – An Abode To Raphael Mechoulam

If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you may not need any introduction to Raphael Mechoulam. Known as the father of THC, Raphael Mechoulam is the great discoverer of THC and the endocannabinoid system.

His experimental studies provided an answer to the core question of how marijuana and the cannabinoids interacted with our body to have such an impact on the health.

Along with his associates he discovered that we possess an internal system called the ECS which regulates the homeostasis in our body. He put forward the results of how THC and CBD work for the endocannabinoid system which answered almost all the queries related to marijuana and CBD.

After the stark discovery of THC, a cannabinoid responsible for the high by Raphael Mechoulam, Israel became the hub for cannabis research. Cannabis industries from around the globe showed interest in investing in cannabis research including the U.S, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Israel was the first country to legalize weed and with almost 27% of the total population indulging in marijuana usage, Israel has the highest ratio of users in the world.

In the coming years, the Israeli Government has also planned to export medical marijuana. So much so is the dedication of both, the government and the scientists that a company named Breath of Life has inaugurated a 1-million-square-foot cannabis grow-house for a more inclined research.

In all, there’s no country which can beat the dedication of Israel in the cannabis research industry.


  1. Netherlands – Where Cannabis Infused Coffees Are Selling Since 1976

Like I said, no country has more feathers in its hat than Israel when it comes to cannabis research. The Netherlands, though, is one of the three countries which have a centrally sponsored medical marijuana programme.

This country … Read More..

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How to Ensure That As a Drug Addict You Benefit from a Rehab Centre Fully.

Drug addiction is a common illness that is not voluntary. In most cases, the conditions occur due to many factors such as environmental, psychological or even chronological issues. Most people who get into drug addiction claim that it started as a process for relieving stress. In fact, the inception of private drug rehabilitation centre has helped to transform the lives of many drug addicts. It is important to find the ideal rehab centre for high tech services. Here are some critical factors that you should consider when selecting a drug rehabilitation centre.


To begin a profession rehab centre should be fully registered and practiced. Note that, long years of services are made of quality practices, While looking out for the experience; it is essential to review the achievement record of the potential rehab centre. Find a treatment facility with a proven record of success. Another thing, ensure you verify to ensure that the centre is permitted by the states to provide such services.


On the other hand, check the quality of treatment personnel. Find a company that is operated by a team of experts to ensure full recovery of drug addicts. It is also vital to ensure that these personnel’s are fully trained on how to relate to this kind of patients for full clients recovery.


Method of drug treatment and rehabilitation is also ultimate in the selection of an addiction treatment facility. With a professional rehab centre clients are undertaking through a complete form of multidisciplinary treatment measures aimed at dealing with mental, emotional and environmental factors accepting the client. Check for facilities that can offer high-level psychotherapy, life-skill programs, detox services, relapse inhibition practices ad much more. Aimed at helping a client deal with issues that caused the addiction in the first place. Peer learning should additionally be encouraged through sharing groups. At these sessions, addicts can learn from their peers who have managed to overcome drug addictions on the best steps to recovery. Family should not be forgotten as they play a major role in ensuring full recovery of the patient. A high-level rehab centre will train and encourage its clients on how to transition back to the community through implementation of different programs.


You may also need to check the establishment of the rehab centre. Check to find out about the condition of the rehab centre for quality services. You may also need to determine their enrollment pattern in regards to gender and age. Check the security aspects as well as mechanisms put in place to safeguard the right of every client. In this case, ensure that you take time to research and establish a high level rehab centre.… Read More..