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Budgeting for start-ups: The mistakes to avoid

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It might be tempting to work on so-called “guestimates” when it comes to the costs involved with your start-up, but if you are serious about making a go of things you really need something more concrete in place.

Unfortunately, budgets are of the one areas that most start-ups tend to leave until the last minute. In fact, quite often, some companies don’t even bother at all. Some just believe that budgets are a bit too corporate, and things don’t need to be anywhere as formal when it comes to smaller enterprises.

Suffice to say, a rule doesn’t exist. Regardless of the size of your business, budgets can do you a great of favours, and today’s article is designed to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that a lot of start-ups make in relation to them.

Mistake #1 – You perform your budget on a beer mat

Sure, when you first start out in business and you’re putting together those calculations in your head, there’s nothing wrong with the beer mat approach. After all, you need a basic idea of what things are going to cost.

However, as things get to more of an advanced level, you need to go into detail. A lot of new businesses completely forget about some essential expenses, with insurance often falling into this category. For example, if you work in the medical industry, you’ll need to budget for indemnity insurance for medical professionals which is often forgotten about.

Mistake #2 – Overestimate any expenses you do have

Following on from the previous point about remembering all of the possible expenses that your business might accrue, when you do have these to hand make sure you are reporting the figures accurately.

It’s far too easy to hold a finger in the air and guess your way around these expenses. This might have to still happen to an extent, but at least overestimate them so your company avoids any unnecessary surprises and is more likely to help you beat your forecast.

Mistake #3 – You think that your budget is completely static

Some older, more traditional businesses, tend to have this approach. However, our advances into the digital age means that this is seldom happens. We are constantly provided fresh data on sales and perhaps which marketing channel is performing the best, and this means that budgets have to be adapted accordingly in a bid to meet targets.

If you are planning to stick to the budget you initially prepared, your business will stall.

Mistake #4 – Know your sales cycle upside-down

Another really important point is about understanding your sales cycles. Most businesses have various peaks through the year where sales go through the roof. At the same time, these businesses also have lulls, where things don’t always go to plan and things run much more slowly.

If your budget doesn’t take this into account, you can be forced into panic decisions which throws your annual budget completely out of the window.… Read More..

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What Are the Challenges Facing UK Business Owners?

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Set up in 1860, the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) is well-known as the spokesperson for the British business community as regards policy decisions and how legislation at a national level helps – or hinders – companies of all sizes and in all sectors.  The BCC is active in calling for change.  One of its biggest campaigns at the moment is not Brexit as you might think, but their ‘Fix the Fundamentals’ campaign.

What is the BCC’s ‘Fix the Fundamentals’ Campaign?

Although the BCC concede that the British government’s 2017 Industrial Strategy White Paper was a step in the right direction, they still believe that a lot remains to be done.  They have highlighted certain sectors which need to be changed urgently to improve competitiveness, boost productivity and ensure that the UK has the skills and connectivity that it needs.  These areas are: costs, people, physical/digital infrastructure and energy.

All businesses are facing more and more difficulties in meeting the upfront costs of running their company.  Whether this is because of a temporary cash flow problem or a seasonal fluctuation in sales, this can lead to the closure of smaller firms.  Although online credit is possible through personal loans, this can only be a temporary solution at best.  This doesn’t solve the underlying problem of how expensive it is to run a company when overheads, taxes and so on are taken into account. 

Another difficulty facing UK businesses of all sizes is ensuring they have the skilled workforce they need.  The BCC has been highly critical of the Apprenticeship Levy and how it has actually reduced the number of apprenticeships being arranged. 

The lack of physical infrastructure is another problem highlighted by the BCC.  They believe that higher levels of both public and private investment are necessary to improve road and rail networks and increase the capacity of airports.  This funding would ensure better connectivity so that British businesses can access both labour markets and supplies and get their products on the market faster.

Apart from physical infrastructure, the UK’s digital infrastructure is another cause for concern.  Not only do the BCC insist on the importance of better broadband connections across the whole of the country, but they have also identified areas where mobile coverage is non-existent or partial.  This can play a key role in restricting companies’ access to new/existing customers as well as communicating with their employees and suppliers.  Their approach has been to try to mobilise the telecommunications industry and the UK government so that they work together to solve the problem.    Another area that the BCC believe needs improvement is a revitalisation of the energy industry.  They believe that the entire energy grid needs funding and that the emphasis should be placed on exploiting UK’s domestic energy industry rather than relying on foreign imports.  Not only would this reduce costs for all businesses irrespective of their sizes, but it would also lead to a reduction in the unemployment rate. … Read More..

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How Human Resource Consulting Can Help With Social Media in the Workplace

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Social media in the workplace can be handled with super Human resources consulting. You always want to make sure you make enough allowances available in the workplace. At this particular point, hr consulting is going to be needed as a requirement.

You want to get the perspective of the employee at this point. For some, using social media websites seem reasonable if they are sure that there is nothing left for them to do at their jobs. It is the belief of many that these sites are okay for the workers that have finished all of their tasks. Reaching family members and friends is one personal aspect for employees on this sites.

The point of view of owners of a company are very different from this. Social media sites are not the reason they are paying their employees. For this to work right, you need superb human resource consulting and a healthy balance. A relationship between owners and employees is defined when this particular reaction is handled.

This social media phase can be turned into a great motivational tool. Your company would really benefit from this as a means to which you give a positive view on your business. More customers and more sales is what can form from having your own social media profile. The information from your company will be viewed by quite a number of demographics and could be considered promotion.

Agreements can be worked out between owners and employees to have a healthy balance. The workers can have designated times in which to visit social media sites. The rules of the agreement can be set so that the worker would use the site or not use it; depending on the agreement. As for who would be right in the matter, the human resources department would look at both sides to determine.

Views from both sides are going to come when it is on this particular subject matter. Always make sure that you listen to both sides with the subject of social media in the workplace. Using human resource consulting can help find an answer to the problem quickly.

You need to be able to find that special balance in the workplace, so that employees and employers alike are happy with the resolution. Figuring out what is fair for both sides can be tricky, but with clear communication and respect this too can be resolved. Knowing how to properly communicate expectations is key.

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Sapphire Crystal Is Very Elegant For Your Watch

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The crystal is a bit chamfered around the edge directly near the bezel. Seiko SKX sapphire crystal tends to be extremely flexible and appear excellent with all sorts of clothes through fits to be able to informal. A quartz will be accurate up to ten seconds a month, even though a typical automatic will have that typing accuracy every day. Timepieces keep far better time than any one of their very own counterparts. Affordable automatic chronographs are tough to find. Since that time, Seiko has introduced a massive array of diver’s watches, that range from the iconic ref. In fact, Casio was the very first watch company to produce the quartz crystal watches.


Would suggest the Seiko SKX007 bracelet, it only looks much better (plus you’re able to find the rubber strap for cheap pretty much anywhere). The genuine strap is readily flexible with each end from the straps clamping together utilizing a security clasp. The watch strap is offered in several designs making it simple to complement the specific watch. The majority of the genuine leather-based straps vary from the sort of conceal stamped around the underside. Of course but only as long as your wrist isn’t too monstrously large or else a larger watch will be necessary. Both have precisely the same movement and build, but with unique designs.


If you are searching for which isn’t very expensive then Seiko watches can’t be your be priory and don’t bother yourself searching for them because they are quite expensive compared with the other brands. The presence of a sign that the watch is operating in complete darkness. With that type of paternal influence, it was not long before I started pining for a dive watch of my own. Just looking at it you know that it is a Dive watch. There’s no other watch better unless you are inclined to spend more cash. If you would like a watch that’s slightly more refined and formal, but you’ve still got a small budget, the SKX007 is well worth a glance.


There are several things you’re able to look at in line with the watch what you exactly want. The Seiko watches are often able to be modified and you can see this by the amount of Seiko SKX007 mods available. They are in the large variety and have all the features and styles that someone might expect. The watch is also exceedingly rugged, which is right for rough water conditions. Luxury watches are usually classic. Men’s diver’s watches like the Seiko SKX007 are ISO certified and have 200m water resistance. There are an infinite number of expensive, mid variety, and even affordable sport watches on the market these days and the majority of them may be configured for the sport of your choice.

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