A Serum to Help Grow My Eyelashes

I am usually pretty skeptical about purchasing just about anything from the internet and will look for the item in a box store. I like to see in person what I am buying before handing over any money. A few weeks ago I made an exception to this unwritten rule I have and purchased Careprost online. It was too good of a deal to pass up with up to a 60% discount. You see, I have been suffering and was embarrassed about my thinning eyelashes and was lured in by all of the testimonials on the website.

Like I said earlier about purchasing online products, I was very skeptical. But the promise and guarantee of longer and thicker eyelashes was the deciding factor for me. Of course, I did extensive research before making my purchase and was surprised at what I discovered. Careprost was originally formulated to help treat glaucoma and it was soon discovered that it also aided in the growth of eye as one of the side effects. Finally, a side effect that is not harmful to us. This serum has to be applied daily for a specified period of time. Some people see results as early as a few weeks.

I’m going out on a limb and am very excited and anxious to try this eyelash growth serum. I’m not going to tell anybody about it just in case it doesn’t work. But my hopes are extremely high based on what I read in their blog. I am really hoping to see a considerable difference before the holidays. I would love nothing more than to have the appearance of long and luscious lashes like I did in my younger years. Stay tuned and I’ll post periodic updates with pictures to show you how it is working. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.