A Quick Overlook of Novels – Your Cheatsheet


Exploring The Many Literary Genres

Beginning a new experience can be daunting. It could be visiting an exotic land, trying out a new recipe or even finding a book that you had never considered reading before. These experiences expose you to new events. Sticking to what you know will make you monotonous, so why not try something different. Changing things up will help to improve and change you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Literature can expose you to different things. The ancient times, as well as present time, has had the opportunity to have literature, which has influenced both periods. Literature is of different kinds. You have literature in different forms such as political, mythical, fantastical and educational. Through literature someone experiences a new reality.

The history of literature is long, and before it was in sentence forms it was a story told orally. At some point in history literature started to be recorded in tablets and papers, to keep the stories from dying out. There has been a lot of debate on when the first novel was written, this is, however, not as important as how it progressed throughout history. There was a Romantic period which transitioned into Victorian literature and afterwards there was Realism. After that, there came periods of Beat Generation, Modernism and Post Modernism.

Starting a new genre can be quite tiring and hard. This is because we have already acquired a taste and straying from familiarity can be challenging. There are many genres and in order to make the best of this, it’s wise to know of the different genres.

If you are looking for a laugh then Comedy genre is what you need. There are two types of comedy. A comedy can either be fictional or comedic. Researching and reading reviews will help to determine what you like. This will enable you to get a book that suits your humor.

The Horror genre is not for everyone. What Hollywood shows on the screen is horrific compared to what is written in the book. The books are more goth like. Horror has other genre but the main ones are classics and everything horror.

Thriller genre is more complicated. The thriller genre has various elements that it needs to grasp such as; cohesiveness, excitement, and understanding. Otherwise most thrillers are unable to impress and can be a mess.

Coming of Age genres follow an individual through his life as he or she grows up psychologically and morally. The main character is usually a sensitive person who is looking for answers to life’s heavy questions.

Erotica goes on to discover human sexuality. It has become known in the world of fiction and it’s based on fetishes such as anal companions. In order to find your best pick it’s a smart move to research online, this way you get to choose what you like.

Classic genre is daunting, to say the least. Classic books are usually heavy and large, furthermore, it’s usually written in old English.