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Amazing Star Trek Technologies We Don’t Want in Real Life

We have been reading a lot of articles on the Internet celebrating the great wonders of Star Trek tech, but not everything on this famous movie would be good in real life. While smartphones, portable data tablets, holodecks, and universal translators are amazing devices, there are devices which are not incredible. Allow us to share with you the great Star Trek devices which are not practical and applicable in real life. Let us focus on food replicators, synthehol, and transporters.

1. Machine Food Replicators. Can you imagine the world having android cooks? Can a android machine taste the food? For people who don’t really cook, it may be a good idea for them to have a food replicator, but definitely not for mothers and health and fitness enthusiasts. While the personalities in the Star Trek universe greatly depend on android cooks, the real world still needs human touch and human taste buds. While the Federation may know that taste of a tasty wheat, they are a giant bureaucratic organization, cutting corners, and the food machines in star Trek utilize the least number of available resources. The world will be so sad not to ever taste a gourmet meal gain, so we must still be grateful because many people are still interested in learning culinary and serve healthy and hearty meals.

2. Not a good alcohol for Synthehol! While it is good to have an unlimited source of alcohol, we cannot discount the fact that the world has high morbidity and mortality rates because of alcoholism and drunk driving. It is not sensible and suitable to have a substance that can degrade the judgment of your crew on a star ship. Despite it is illegal, some Romulan wine still shows up at times. Besides you not researching on the top 10 wine coolers on the star system, why would somebody care if the stuff is real or not. The conflict is that people drink alcohol not just for the taste but also the effects.

3. Be anywhere fast and easy with transporters. Surely, you will save time and effort traveling a long distance because transporter can help you arrive at your destination within seconds. Do you want to be one of the crew members of Science Officer Commander Sonak who was unluckily slated to beam aboard immediately after? Even with cloud technologies, data loss is still a real thing. While Star Trek universe has all the best gadgets and state-of-the-art technologies, the space is scary and be careful what you wish for.