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What You Can Learn from Nation Branding

Long ago, the strategy that most nations especially the powerful nations used to use in order to get power and recognition is that they could enslave an entire nation and that is how they established their power that is no longer working these days. Nations these days also have to follow the methods that businesses use in order to be successful in their branding strategies and this is a nice move. There are some strategies that countries usually use, for example Costa Rica which focuses on the tourism of its country and this is a great branding strategy that the country uses. There are lessons that we can learn from the things that other countries have done in order to ensure that they have branded themselves successfully and these are what you’re going to talk about in this article.

Small countries that are very insignificant in size such that people in Europe or in the United States cannot even notice such countries, can only be successfully the branding strategy if they are careful enough to tell their story. The hardships that are country may have faced in the past can be a very good story to tell the world and that is how they can be able to blot themselves up because the history of such a nation is very much big part of the story of the nation and therefore by telling it to others, I countries able to successfully map itself as a great nation. The United Arab Emirates are one such country which is only 50 years old and it is very much noticed because of Dubai, a great city that told it story and is now a major economic hub and is a lot of fame in all of the world such that anybody can point it out on the map.

The tourism industry in Costa Rica is very big and has enjoyed a lot of success in the past and also presently because the country use one of those strategies that one may not even think of and this is taking a stereotype and turning it into a branding strategy whereby Costa Rica is known as a country that people can go to to chill and relax. This is so much such that the advertisements in this Kiss PR small country all reflects this kind of life which is known as pure life to them. A country that’s careful enough to own it’s pledges like Costa Rica definitely gets a lot of success.