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To Adopt or To Buy?

When you plan to get a pet dog, you have to understand that there are certain responsibilities that you have to take on. You have to look after its needs as you cannot expect your dog to just live on its own. You have to be mindful of their needs and become a mature individual.

Buying or purchasing are the two common ways of getting a new companion at home. By understanding the differences between the two, you will have a better understanding of how you can change the lives of these animals.

Here are a few areas to look into when considering whether to adopt or to buy a new pet dog.


Depending on the breed of the mutt, you are likely to spend more when you purchase a dog versus adopting one. If you want to learn more about the different prices of these dogs, your local pet shop and breeders are always your best resource.

Of the two, adoption is always the better choice if you are to consider the price. You can even save more if you are to take a dog from your local shelter as you no longer have to spend on the transportation cost of your pet.

Save a Life

With adoption, you are giving an animal the opportunity to experience a better life. The majority of dogs from shelters are either from abusive homes or were abandoned while they were still a puppy. Happiness is what you give these dogs when you adopt them.

One of the global organizations that strongly discourage the purchasing of animals is the Humane Society. Most breeders are only looking after the profit they get from the sale of their pups. You can learn more about the advocacy of this group by checking their website.


If you want to get trained dogs, you always have a good shot at adoption. To learn more about the different training these sheltered pets receive, you can check your local animal shelter. This is not the case with buying a new dog. You still have to do their training or you can spend a few dollars to have them trained by professionals.

Most dogs waiting for adoption in a shelter are already given training on simple commands. With their knowledge, you no longer have to worry about their behaviour and whether or not they are going to listen to you.


When getting a new dog, you always consider the breed. Of course you’d always want to get a pet dog that is very friendly. If you are to adopt a dog, you are likely to be limited in terms of breed compared to buying a dog where you can get the exact type you want.